Aquaria is a UAE established company with 25 years of experience in yachting and yacht cleaning services. We always trying to create cleaner eco-friendly solutions for any yacht owner and environmental enthusiasts.

It was a hydraulic oil stain on a white carpet on a super yacht, a desperate yacht maintenance team and Blue Velvet Pro which solved the issue.

On the spot, we decided that Blue Velvet Pro shall take the place it deserves in the market.

What makes you and your brand unique: It’s a literary multipurpose cleaning product. What that means for end user? He uses only ONE product to clean ALL surfaces (!) from carpet, to wood, stainless steel, glass, fabric, leather, steel, concrete etc.

What are your brand values and beliefs: The added value is, its dilution ratio with any kind of water (sea water, rain water, tab water) and the competitive advantage as well as  the cost effectiveness. Biodegradable, non-toxic, harmless to humans and environment, with the lowest carbon footprint in its life cycle.

Many products claim to be a multipurpose organic or eco-friendly cleaning but in reality for every surface you need a different…bottle.

Blue Velvet Pro is used at the moment in 15 different industries. Yachts, Ships, Oil Industry, Airports, Schools, Building Maintenance, Carpet Cleaners, Pet Shops, Car Wash, Restaurants, Bakeries, Dairy Factories, Hospitals, Garbage Dumpsters-Municipality.

Why customers should choose Blue Velvet Pro: Simply because, if Blue Velvet doesn’t clean the stain then no other product can.